An all male recovery home or rehab center can allow for an increased focus on treating addiction. The Landing, a treatment center in Newport Beach, California, has reported studies showing that men are more likely to be successful if they attend an all male program.

Benchmark Recovery Center explains why men can benefit from an all male recovery program: Men may feel more comfortable expressing their issues in front of other men. Furthermore, some men may face male-specific issues rooted in the American male profile, such as a tendency to be strong and self-reliant, which can make it difficult to express emotions and lead to drug and alcohol use. Benchmark believes that all-male rehab limits the risk of sexual attraction between those in recovery, and allows them to focus on treating their addiction.

Recovery Homes

Recovery homes are a more affordable option to consider for the treatment of addiction, or may be the next step as a transition after a rehab center. Because they largely run on donation, recovery homes are cheap or often free.

However, most recovery homes have specific requirements that need to be met for admission, such as the requirements at the Claire Recovery Center, which include having a problem with alcohol/drugs, being abstinent from alcohol/drugs for at least 30 days, having participated in a 12-step program within the last 6 months, being able to perform activities of daily living and complying with CLARE house rules.

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Some addicts may not be able to meet these requirements. Some recovery homes, such as Recovery homes, such as the Waterfront Rescue Mission, have a religous mission with daily activities like bible study or church attendence. Expect to share a room with other men in the recovery home, and be expected to participate in volunteer work, daily chores and group therapy sessions.

Rehab Centers

Rehab centers may be a more expensive alternative to recovery homes, but at a rehab center you can expect more individualized care and customized treatment programs, as well as continuing care after treatment. Furthermore, rehab centers more often cater to those in the midst of drug use, and are more likely to offer detox programs.

Rehab centers are often more luxurious than recovery homes. For example, the men's program at Sober Living By The Sea offers massage therapy, a private chef, a gym and activities, including golf, hiking and kung fu. Rehab centers are also likely to provide in-house therapists, counselors and nurses.

A Personal Decision

Each person copes with addiction in their own way, and specific individual needs and ability to afford treatment must be considered.

Recovery homes are a good alternative to rehab centers for those that meet the requirements, or they can function as a transition from rehab to normal life. If a relationship with God or a religous experience has been part of your recovery, a religous recovery home may be a good fit. Rehab centers offer more individualized care, and may be an option for those that cannot meet the requirements of a recovery home, or who seek the amenities and comfort only a rehab center can offer.