Recognizing and navigating the pain of having a sibling who is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or a behavior, is stressful for both the sibling relationship and the siblings themselves, no matter the ages of those involved.

Luckily, resources have been created specifically for the siblings of addicts. These resources range from websites with advice about how to talk to your addicted sibling to treatment facilities to support groups for the families and loved ones of addicts.

Treatment And Therapy Options

Al-Anon and Alateen: Al-Anon and Alateen are programs associated with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Al-Anon is designed for adults whose loved ones are addicted; Alateen is designed for teens who find themselves living in the same household, or affected by, an addict. Both groups, like AA and NA, use the twelve-step program to work through relationships with loved ones. During the group meetings, participants share their experiences of living with and confronting the addiction of those in their families.

Because Alateen is designed specifically for teens, this program provides younger people affected by addiction a safe space to explore their feelings and concerns.

Hazelden: Founded in 1949 in Minnesota, Hazelden has sites throughout the United States and works with both addicts and their families to move toward recovery. Hazelden uses the twelve-step method to address addiction. Families, including siblings, are encouraged to be part of the recovery period. Information is available on the website for family members of addicts if treatment at a Hazelden center is not an option.

Addiction Prevention And Treatment Websites

Addict Help provides resources for drug and alcohol addiction, including information specifically for families and a database of available treatment centers.

Here to Help is an advocacy project serving families with addicted loved ones. The website includes information for both families and addicts. The website provides a page where family members can connect with others who are experiencing addiction in their families or in their own lives. The site offers a variety of materials on topics ranging from understanding what a family member who suffers from addiction is experiencing to helping a family member manage mental illness. Specific resources for children and teens are located on the family member section of the website.

Headquartered in Australia, Sibling Support is directed toward teens whose siblings are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Teens from around the world can email addiction specialists with their concerns, find information about their siblings' addiction, and chat with others facing similar struggles with their siblings. Sibling Support uses Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to keep siblings updated, as well as to provide channels for community building.