In certain cases, women may benefit from being placed in a women's only recovery home or rehab center to treat their addiction. Women are more likely to abuse substances because of life trauma such as illness, an accident or abuse.

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Women who abuse substances are more likely to have poor self-concepts and high rates of mental health problems. Special services may be needed to address prenatal care. An all-female environment may be better for discussing sensitive and painful issues.

Recovery Homes

Recovery homes may offer a smooth transition from rehab or a hospital stay back into society, or may be the primary source of treatment if one cannot afford more expensive options.

In order to stay at a recovery home, you must meet its requirements for admission; they vary depending on the facility, but may include a period of sobriety before your stay, compliance with drug and alcohol testing during your stay, ability to care for oneself and ability to perform daily chores.

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Each recovery home is different and some may include religious themes, but nearly all require you to participate in a 12-step program. A transitional recovery home will offer services to help you re-enter society. Brighton Center for Recovery has a women's transitional house, and offers daily educational classes, weekly individual and group therapy sessions, volunteer service opportunities, job skills training, an array of on-site 12-step programs and access to our nationally recognized addiction specialists, physicians, therapists and nurses.

Rehab Centers

Rehab centers may be better suited for those currently using drugs, or those that need more specialized care. Women's only rehab can allow for individualized treatment, such as the Sober Living By The Sea, which offers help with eating disorders or body image problems.

Rehab centers offer more amenities and luxuries such as yoga and meditation classes, spa services or hiking. Women's only rehab centers may offer therapies you cannot find at mixed rehab centers, such as New Directions, which offers equine therapy, where clients groom horses and lead the horse through obstacles. However, in most rehab facilities you can still be expected to participate in 12-step meetings and take care of daily chores. Rehab centers are also more likely to provide follow-up care than recovery homes.

A Personal Decision

An all-women's center may be better suited to explore the underlying causes of addiction, as they are likely to be different from the causes of addiction in men. Moreover, an all women's center may be a more comfortable place to express feelings and emotions.

Choosing a recovery home or rehab center is an important choice, as each offers different treatment and support options. Recovery homes may be better for those ready to transition back into their lives, while rehab centers allow for detoxification, individualized treatment and follow-up that may be important to some in an initial recovery phase.